Health Benefits you can draw from Green Tea

Green Tea Originated in China and Asian region and have been consumed there for centuries due to the health benefits associated with it. Green tea is one the reason we never see obese or overweight people in China. According to WHO total obesity rates in China are less than 5% whereas the obesity rate in the USA is nearly whopping 40 %

Green tea is something you need to develop a taste for, I am not trying to discourage anyone but trust me its little bitter and “this cup of tea is not for everyone!!” With your strong will and determination, if you can force yourself to drink it every day, eventually you will end up liking it and who knows may be looking forward to it OR crave for it.

Green tea is Pandora’s box for health benefits, I will state a few which our team thinks are most important from leading a healthy and happy life style’s perspective

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps you body fight free radicals (Factors responsible for aging)
  • Green tea keeps your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure in check
  • Green tea increases Fat Burning
  • Green tea helps you shed some extra pounds
  • Green tea increase your life expectancy
  • Green tea improves your general well being
  • Green tea helps you keep your craving for unhealthy and processed food down

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