Is Clean Air a Fundamental Right ?

Whether you are rich or in rags, Clean air and water seem like a fundamental right to all the living beings on earth and they are made available for free by mother nature to all its kids. As simple and basic as it sounds, but not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy it.  Nowadays, they are so many factors that are polluting the air, some knowing and some unknowing

With so much industrialization, how do we ensure that we and our coming generations have access to clean air? shouldn’t we have the choice to these basic elements we need for survival and it should not be slapped upon us?

But with urbanization and industrialization, the air quality has been decreasing day by day. Pollutants could be smoke from vehicles, dust, and dirt. These pollutants can be dangerous and toxic if inhaled in high quantity and regularly.

Beijing is not only China’s Capital but is also the most polluted city in the world is known as pollution capital of the world.

PPM – particles per million level are generally super high in Beijing and people often prefer to wear a mask when stepping out of their homes. The situation is so much out of hands that they even have apps there which tell you the pollution level in the air for that day so you can take necessary measures.

Allergens activating your defense system might have symptoms like Itchy Nose, Itchy and redness in eyes, sometimes watery, cough, some people experience as though someone has thrown a handful of sand into their eyes.

Allergens: Does that sound familiar?it is definitely not a favorite. They are unwanted particulates, but they are everywhere. As Spring comes, along with it also gets lots of allergens.Pollen, Dust Particles, Grass which was dead until now began to gain life and combined with those cool breeze they are everywhere, this is how mother nature wants them to reproduce. This is good for nature but for someone who is allergic to pollen, grass particle and dust can be dangerous and if these allergens get into the system it will kick start their defense mechanism and start fighting with it. some even end up ER if proper on time precautions are not taken.

How to get Clean Air

Air Quality outside is definitely not entirely in our control but we can certainly control the conditions inside our house. keeping our house Clean and Dust free to keep the air quality at its best level, cleaning your sheets often, changing your air filter every quarter and yes a good air filtering system if you would like the best air inside your home!!

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA), Also known as a high-efficiency particulate absorber is basically an air filtering system for your home which will do wonders if you are suffering from allergy and even home is also not a place where you can sit and relax.They have an efficiency of more than 99.99 % which assures a very high level of protection against airborne diseases and transmission.These filters also remove unpleasant odor for your house. Most of them are dual purpose giving you clean air and an odor-free house!!

EnviroKlenz offers a Mobile HEPA Filter which uses the best technology out there and removes airborne pollen, dust, odors, mold, gases, fragrance, VOCs, allergens, bacteria, and more.

Best HEPA Air Purifier

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