Benefits From Turmeric – Indian Secrets Revealed

Turmeric is an Asian Native spice. It is Basically the root of the plant. It is harvested in the month of May /June and then dried and powdered for use.

Turmeric is one my favorites spices, it has myriads of applications:

  1. Coloring agent in cooking
  2. Immunity Booster
  3. Medicinal Herb
  4. Heals internal wounds
  5. Beauty Enhancer
  6. Tan Removal

Turmeric has been used in India Cooking from centuries, It not only adds color to the food but is also an immunity booster and has anti – inflammatory properties. By consuming Turmeric daily, Indians boost their immune system and have greatest disease-fighting capacity.

In most Indian Hindu Wedding, there is a Ceremony called “Haldi”, as part of this the bride and the groom is anointed with a paste made from the raw turmeric root. This is considered as part of purification process and kind of detoxifying and enhance the beauty of the bride and groom before the wedding.

In Rural parts of parts of southern India, Women still apply turmeric every day to their faces. They do so to slow the Oxidative damage that is believed to be one of the main causes of aging and not only this, it also increases their Immunity and ability to fight against germs and diseases.

During Pongal (Harvest Season) as part of expressing gratitude to God Sun, Full Turmeric plant, along with roots is tied around the vessel in which Pongal ( Also name of the Dish, which is cooked on the day when Pongal (Festival) is celebrated ) is cooked. This is believed to make the food pious.

Turmeric is considered Pure and has purifying, antibacterial, antiseptic and medicinal properties associated with it!! Knowingly or Unknowing Asian Culture has adopted Turmeric and it has become a vital part of their day to day life.

Myriad benefits of turmeric have always intrigued scientist and to satisfy their curiosity, they have done numerous studies on health benefits of Turmeric and have found mind blowing results !!

Even the western culture is also accepting and acknowledging the benefits of Turmeric and demand for turmeric has increased many folds in the last couple of years and graph is till climbing !! popping a pill has become a common way of in taking if adding it to food is not an option. You can get them here.

In a couple of years, we will be able to say “A Turmeric Pill a Day, keeps the Doctor away!! “.


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