Health Benefits of Almonds And Munnaka

Almond and Munnaka when consumed first thing in the morning every day can fortify your immune system and give you a sweet start to the day!! This also gives a soft start to your dormant digestive track.

In two separate bowls soak about 2-3 almonds and 2-3 Munnaka previous night. Next morning peel off the almond skin and eat it along with Munnaka. Drink the water in which your Munnaka was soaked.

Almonds are packed with Vitamin E, Magnesium, Proteins, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium and many other minerals essentials for human bodies to function to its potential. Everyday consumption helps ensure a healthy heart and proper functioning of other vital internal organs . Almonds also helps in brain development in young and growing kids and help maintaining good health in adults.

What is Munnaka ? Munnaka is basically a special kind dried grape. It is generally a little bigger than the regular raisin. Munnaka strengths your immune system, making your more resistant to every day germs and infections exposure at your workplace or kids would get from school.

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