How to Kill Cravings for Processed Food

In this post, I will be sharing my mantra, that I use to keep my cravings and late night munching habits checked !! I have been using this technique for about 10 years now and this has helped me maintain and sustain my body weight and it goes only few Oz up or down. The reason I try to maintain my weight is that I know for sure that it will take me quite a lot of hard work to come back to this weight, this is one motivation for me to keep it in check.

Every time a though comes to your mind or you have a craving for any junk/processed food – take a step back and think to yourself, Will it really be beneficial for your body? Is it worth the extra pound that it will add to your weight? How much work out you will have to do to shed that extra pound?

If you always ask yourself these 3 Questions, you will for sure drop that idea of eating what ever is that you were thinking of and your craving will die out. Keep practicing this day in and out. Initially, it will be hard for you, but then remember “Change is always hard” and “There is always a price to pay good things”.┬áIf you can program your brain to think this way and wire it to reject the thought of eating unhealthy Junk food, you will not only develop control over your sense but will have stronger will power and a better organized and disciplined person !!. This will go a long way your life, career and personal relations.

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