Why Should you eat Green leafy Vegetables ??

Green leafy Vegetables have been integral part of human diet every since it has been documented.I always say this jokingly that all the lazy humans who did not want to an extra mile and hunt their food, would content themselves with the fruits and greens available.

Greens have been an integral part of the vegetarian diet and is main source of vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, K  and many other vital minerals required for healthy body and mind. Some of the green that should include in your weekly diet are Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Chard to name a few.

Why eat kale ? Here is a fun fact about it –  Kale has 671% of Vitamin K per 100 gm of it!! Isn’t that cool ? Vitamin K support heart health , helps in building strong bones, prevents bone fractures and much more. It is also a Vital source of Vitamin C , it supports our gums, dental health, boost our immune system!!

If you eat Spinach like Popeye always did, you will never have to wear glasses. I am just made it up..:) but trust me its true that if you eat your greens every day, you will never know of most of the health problems that are very common with the stressful life style that most of us have nowadays !! Respect your body, nourish it give it all that it needs, eat different kinds of real food (No Processed food and fast food) and eventually it will become a habit and your craving for the processed food will die!!

Check out my other blog post on how to kill Cravings for Processed Food!!

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