The journey of Amla Juice !!

What is Amla?

Amla is cherry tomato sized citrus fruit, it is pale green to light greenish in color, smooth to touch but is hard as raw guava. When you bit into an Amla, it will be sour with a hint of bitterness followed by sweet taste. It is amazing how a small fruit can give you so many tastes at the same time !! It has tremendous medicinal value in Ayurveda and right from the bark, leaves, outer shell of the fruits, seed are used in some or other form in Ayurveda medicines and supplements.

Uses of Amla

Amla in Different parts of India is consumed differently. You could do myriads recipes with Amla, If it were for me, I could have an independent blog towards Amla recipes, Here is a list of some of my favorite ones!!

  1. Amla Murabba
  2. Amla Chutney
  3. Amla Pickle
  4. Amla Dal / Lentil

Besides this, you could dry the Amla and make a powder of it and store it for later use.

Health Benefits of Amla /Amla Powder

Amla has number health benefits, it is a rich source of Vitamin C, Iron and is a great anti – oxidant. Below is the list of few of the benefits:

  1. Amla helps in maintaining healthy eyesight
  2. Help keep digestive health – Very rich in fiber
  3. Improves overall Gum and Dental health
  4. Improves hair health and increase hair growth
  5. It a great Anti- oxidant, rich source of iron
  6. Strengthens immune system and general well-being
  7. Additional benefits according to ancient scripts and also proven by science are that it helps body fight fever, jaundice, diabetes, and hemorrhages.

Where can you buy Amla/Amla Powder?

If you happen to visit India by any chance, I would say that is one of the best places to experience fresh Amla, Amla season is from April to Mid October. Besides this, you could easily find Amla and its derivatives Online. Given the health benefits and awareness, there are plenty of online retailers carrying it nowadays. You could consume Amla in various forms dried amla, amla powder, amla juice and last but not least Amla Murabba

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