Amla Chutney

Prep Time

5-10  Minutes

Cook Time

20 Minutes Approx


5-10 Amlas
Cooking Oil
Cumin Seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Red Chillis
Turmeric Powder

How to Make Amla Chutney

  1. Wash Amla thoroughly
  2.  Prick Amla with a fork
  3.  Boil water then add amla
  4. Cook until tender and transparent
  5. Drain and keep aside
  6. De-seed the amla and mash it
  7. Heat a pan, add oil to it
  8. To this add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, red chillis, Turmeric Powder and add de -seeded amla
  9. Saute it for 3-5 minutes on low flame, add salt to taste (If you want to make it sweet and sour, you could add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar at this stage)
  10. Let it cool at room temperature and then blend this into a fine paste.
  11. Serve with bread of your choice or rice or as a side dish to the main dish

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