Amla Dal / Lentil

Prep Time

5-10  Minutes

Cook Time

20 Minutes Approx


3-5 Amlas
1 Cup Split Channa Dal / Toor Dal
Cooking Oil
1/2 tablespoon Mustard Seeds
2 -3 Red Chillis
3 Garlic cloves
5-10 Curry leaves
5 tablespoon of lime juice

How to Make Amla Dal / Lentil

  1. Pressure cook Dal, Amla, salt and a pinch of turmeric
  2. Let it cool down, Now remove the alma seeds and discard them
  3. Using a beater make it into a fine paste and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes
  4. To temper, In a pan add some oil, once it heats add mustard seeds, chili, curry leaves and minced garlic
  5. Add the tempering to the boiling dal and Amla mixture
  6. Your Amla Dal is ready!!

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