10 Unbelievable Hacks of Used Coffee Grounds

Do you Toss away Used Coffee Grounds? Next time, Think again…Here is why?

Origin of Coffee dates back to the 10th century or maybe earlier with a number of reports and legends surrounding its first use. It was first time used in Africa and then by the 16th century, it was brought to Asia, Middle East, and other African countries.

In this post, I will share top 10 hacks of Coffee Grounds, which will change your age old habit and you will not be thrashing it next time!!

  1. Natural Scrub: In a bowl add 2 spoons of used coffee grounds, to this add 2 spoons of Agave nectar. Mix it well and use it as a  natural face and body scrub. If you love the smell of coffee then this for sure is going to replace your current scrub!
  2. Deodorizer Agent: In a bowl add 2 -3 spoons of used coffee grounds. Keep this in Fridge, Coffee Grounds are natural deodorizers, meaning they absorb the odor and make their surrounding odor free.
  3. Natural Dye: Coffee is a natural dying agent, it can be used as a natural dye for your craft projects, clothes, and even hair!
  4. Organic Fertilizer: Ph of used up coffee ground is 6.5 which is almost neutral, it acts as an excelled fertilizer for plants like blueberries and lilies. It is also a rich source of Nitrogen for the plants.
  5. Natural Abrasive: Have greasy pots and Pans, Sprinkel some used up coffee grounds on it and give it a rub, this will reduce your effort into half and you will get sparkling clean pots.
  6. Coffee Soaps: If you are like me who is crazy about organic and natural stuff, then you should try out coffee soap. It’s an all natural cleanser and exfoliating agent as well. Click here for the recipe
  7. Hair Conditioner: If you like to try all those new hair styling products in the market, then you would have noticed the damage and residue build up by now. Coffee Grounds can restore your natural shine back by removing the residue and trapping moisture in your locks.
  8. Compost: You can toss the coffee grounds into your compost and it is an excellent green and rich source of nitrogen for your compost
  9. Odor Removal From Shoes: You can toss the coffee grounds into a pair of socks and keep these socks in your shoes, Coffee will absorb any foul smell that might be there in your shoes.
  10. French Vanilla Candles: Add Coffee grounds and vanilla essence to your candles, this will make your house smell cozy and comforting as the night progress.

These were my top 10 hacks for Used up Coffee Grounds! Here is what you might be interested in 13 Tan Removal Hacks.

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