10 Hacks to ReCycle USED TEA BAGS

Do you Toss away the used tea bags? After reading this article you will not be able to 🙂

Tea is prepared from cured leave leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. There are more than thousands of recipes of tea(Indian Masala Chai), click here for more on this, But this post is not about Masala Tea. In this post, I will share top 10 hacks for Used Green Tea bag. you have to try them to believe them and do not forget to share your experiences in the comments below or if you have any question, shoot Our team member will answer as soon as possible … 🙂

  1. Eye Bags: Save used tea bags and refrigerate them. Tea contains components which not only help in reducing puffiness but also calms and soothes eyes. Keep cool tea bags over your eyelids for about 10-15 mins and repeat every day to see results.
  2. Natural Fertilizer: After using your tea bags for puffed eyes, you can throw them around the base of plants in your garden. It retains water and keeps your plants hydrated and also acts as a pest deterrent.
  3. Skin Mask: Damp and cold tea bags have soothing and calming properties. Place damp and cold tea bags all over your face and lie down for 10 mins. You will wake up to refreshed cooling feeling and sensation.Green Tea is used in cosmetics and has most published data for anti-aging and whitening.
  4. Tan Removal: In a bowl take 3 teaspoons of tea and 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Mix well and apply this mixture to the affected area of the skin. Repeat this process every day or first 5 days and after that alternate every other day. Within two weeks you will notice considerable reducing in skin tan. More tips and tricks for tan removal
  5. Tea Rinse:  Brew a weak tea using your used tea bags.Let the mixture cool down and use it to rinse your hair after washing it. Instead of Conditioner just pour this light brewed tea and let it dry naturally. you will notice that your hair is more smooth and silky with the tea rinse.
  6. Air Freshener: Brew a weak tea solution using the tea bags add this to a spray bottle and to this add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Shake it well and Spray this mixture all over your house.This will keep your living area and whole house smelling fresh.
  7. Antioxidants Pedicure: Soak your feet and pamper yourself with an antioxidant rich pedicure instead of just plain water use weakly brewed tea from used Tea Bags.
  8. Odor Eliminator: Tea has deodorizing properties, they absorb the foul smell and make its surrounding odor free. Keep some used tea bags in your shoe closet and you will notice the difference in the world.
  9. Dye Craft Paper and Clothes: Bring color and life to your boring white paper and cloth.Use your brewed tea to do the magic.
  10. Feed your compost: After using your tea bags for puffed eyes, you can throw them in your compost bin. Moist tea bags enhance the speed of the chemical reactions taking place in your compost bin.Make sure to remove the metallic stapler before tossing it in the compost bin.

So there are my top 10 hacks for Used tea bags! Want to graduate to next level? Here are Top 10 Shoe Odor Removal Hacks.

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