10 Hacks to remove shoe odor

Is Shoe Odor troubling you?

Shoe odor is a common issue that many of us suffer from and wants to get rid of it but don’t know how. It can lower your confidence level, make you conscious of it and may be some time alienate you. Common cause of odor could be

  1. Sweaty Feet: Everyone sweats when their body gets heated up due to hot weather, emotional rush or when they are uncomfortable, some people sweat profusely without any reason, they sweat so much so that moisture/ Sweat literally drips from their hands, they feet become wet as though a glass of water has been poured over them, this condition is called Hyperhidrosis . This is not a life threating conditions and treatment may not be an option for everyone due to various reasons.
  2. Bacterial Growth: Shoe starts to smell when there is perspiration from feet and it gets absorbed into the socks, inner lining, and insole of the shoes. This further provides a conducive environment for the bacterial growth and proliferation.
  3. Untidy Shoes: Not keeping your Shoes tidy, excessive usage and not maintaining them can cause a foul odor to assimilate in them and can cause your feet to smell at the end of the day.
  4. Untidy Socks: If you are wearing your shoes for a long time and not using clean socks, this can carry bacteria and germs from your untidy socks into your shoe and feet and the heat and humidity inside your feet provides a perfect environment for the bacteria to grown and thrive.

Here I will share top 10 Home Remedies with you, which will transform your  life and have long-lasting positive effects on your social, professional, and home life

  1. Baking Soda: Besides being bakers friend, baking soda has a lot of everyday uses which will amaze you with its versatility. Baking Soda is an extremely good deodorizing agent.
    • Sprinkle a bit of baking soda in your shoes or keep it in an open bowl and place the bowl in your shoes
    • Leave it overnight or a couple of nights if possible
    • Baking soda absorbs the smell and moisture from your shoes leaving them odor free
    • Dust your shoes or take the bowl off and your shoe will be deodorized and ready to use again
    • Check out this post for Top 11 Baking Soda Hacks
  2. Charcoal: Aside from being used in grilling, charcoal has another hidden talent, it is an excellent deodorizer. Charcoal absorbs bad smell when placed in an open tray in a foul smelling zone.
    • Place 1-2 cubes of Charcoal in your shoe
    • Leave it on for a couple of days, if required change after 10 days
    • Charcoal will absorb the odor and your shoe will be odor free again
  3. Kitty Litter: Other than the obvious use of kitty litter, one hack that will go a long way is the fact that Kitty litter has deodorizing characteristics
    • Place kitty litter in a sock
    • Place the sock in your shoe for a couple of days
    • Kitty litter will do the magic and make your shoe odor free again
    • Check out this to learn more hack of Kitty Litter
  4. Essential Oils: Pour your favorite essential oil on a piece of cloth and place the cloth in your shoe and shoe storage closet, this will take away the bad odor from your shoe and leave it smelling like your favorite essential oil.
  5. Tea Bags: Apart from giving you refreshing tea and kick start to the day, your tea bag has other uses too
    • Tea is a deodorizing agent and absorb order from its surroundings
    • Place used tea bags over a plastic wrap and place it in your shoe and leave it overnight or a couple of days if that is possible
    • Tea bags will absorb the foul odor from your shoes leaving them odor free for you
    • Check out Top 10 Used Tea Bag Hacks .
  6. Dryer Sheets: Dryer sheet will also take away the foul odor from your shoes, keep a pair of dryer sheets in your shoe overnight, you can even wear your shoe with the dryer sheet.
  7. Dry in Extreme Sun: Sun is a natural source of heat and energy. Make use of the solar energy to dry your shoes, Excessive heat will kill the bacteria and remove foul odor from your shoes.This is equivalent to excessive heat or UV treatment of the shoes.
  8. Alcohol Wash: Isopropyl alcohol, often called IPA or Isopropanol is used as a disinfectant, if your shoes are made of cloth, you can wash or soak your shoes in alcohol solution but if they are made of some other material, that might be sensitive to alcohol, then try spraying your insole and inner lining of the shoes with alcohol solution. This will take away the odor.
  9. Used coffee ground: Used coffee grounds has deodorizing properties like baking soda, it can absorb bad odor from your shoes. Keep used coffee grounds in a small open container and place the container in your shoe(Mind it, do not place the used coffee directly in your shoe, this will stain them and make the situation messy). Leave it for a couple of days if possible or else repeat this overnight for a couple of days. You will see the difference in a couple of days. Check out this to learn more hack of used ground coffee.
  10. Freeze It: If none of the above options seem to be helping you, then here is the ultimate Hack,I bet this can’t fail you !!
    • Wash your shoes followed by sun drying
    • To protect them from the extreme cold, put them in a ziplock and leave them in the freezer overnight or a couple of nights if required.
    • Extreme cold will kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria and make your shoe odor free.

Hungry for more such hacks? Check out this Top 10 Ground Coffee Hacks.

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