5 Kitty Litter hacks

Whether you are a Cat person or a Dog Person. You for sure can’t resist getting Kitty litter after reading this article. Kitty little has many applications besides the obvious one!!

  1. Deodorizing Agent: Sprinkle some Kitty litter in your Bin, Keep some in your shoe closet or any place that has an unpleasant odor and Kitty litter will make it odor free.
  2. Greasy Stain Removal: Kitty litter is known for absorbing oil and grease. Pour some kitty litter over those stains and let it sit for 24 hours. You will be surprised to see the stains disappear.
  3. Traction: If you live in a place where it snows heavily then you will thank me for this tip. Kitty litter makes a great source of traction for cars stuck in the snow. Pour a bag of it in front of and behind your tires to gain traction.
  4. Add Traction to your walkway: Pour kitty litter on icy walkways. It does not melt the ice but provides friction and you can prevent a fall or slip.
  5. Prevent  Bbq Fire: Frequent bbq-ers know what a disaster it is when then grease from meat catches fire. To prevent this from happening in future, Spread an even layer of Kitty litter at the bottom of the grill and get started with the party. Make sure to get unscented Clay based Kitty litter for the best outcome.

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