Morning Sunlight Benefits

Why Morning Sun?

Most often we take things for granted and never realize their importance until they are taken away from us, on that note a friend of mine went to Antartica for about a year on a fully sponsored mission and some research carried out by his employer. He was super thrilled to be chosen for the mission for obvious reasons, he will get to see, live, enjoy, and explore a place which 99% of the world population won’t ever get to step on.

16 months fast forward, he is back home from his year long and extended mission.He was experiencing unexplained fatigue and did not feel okay about his health and decided to go for a routine medical checkup. To his surprise, his fear came true and he was diagnosed with deficiency of Vitamin D. Within such a short span of time his bones have become soft and mildly brittle, his muscles have weakened considerably and he was in mild depression.

The damage was done, but it was not irreversible. His doctor gave him supplements and most imported suggested that he take daily early morning sun bath. Why early morning sun? According to various research, when exposed to early morning sun rays, our body triggers the mechanism for the synthesis of Vitamin D.
Later Afternoon and Evening Sun is not going to be beneficial for Vitamin D perspective.

Vitamins D Deficiency Epidemic

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent worldwide, but some groups are at greater risk.A chunk of the population which spend major of their time indoors and in the office are more prone to Vitamin D Deficiency due to a minimum or no exposure to sunlight.Other symptoms and effects of Vitamin D deficiency are:

  1. Weak Bones
  2. Hair Fall
  3. Skin Ailments
  4. Mild Depression
  5. Unexplained Fatigue
  6. Difficulty Thinking Clearly
  7. Bone Pain
  8. Muscle Weakness
  9. Soft Bones
  10. Fracture Prone Bones
  11. Affects Metabolism
  12. Affects Sleep

How Long to spend in Sun?

10 -15 minutes of early sun daily is enough and sufficient. Taking longer sunbath at a stretch is not going to benefit, it’s doing it daily which makes the difference.

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