How to make herbal infused hair oil

Have you ever wondered by India women have so rich and healthy hair. They take special care of their hair and use herbal oil to massage their hair very time before a head bath. Some are so diligent that even at the age of 80 they follow these rituals without a break.

Indians have been using herbs from centuries. There are so many herbs and different combinations that there is a whole science of Herbalogy dedicated to this study.

Why use herbal oil ?

Today we are going to prepare herbal oil for hair. This oil can be made using various ingredients and various permutations and combinations based on your specific need. Below are some the conditions where herbal oil is beneficial

  • Helps with Dandruff
  • Help with gray hair
  • Fights any bacterial growth on the scalp
  • Keep hair color intact
  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Conditions
  • Adds Shine

Ingredients used to make Herbal oil

Like I said previously you can use many ingredients to make your herbal oil depending on your hair need.

  • Coconut oil :- imparts life to dull and lifeless hair. provides shine and accelerated hair growth. Helps get rid of dandruff and hair loss/ fall.
  • Henna Leaves :- Nourished, moisturizes and makes hair shining and healthy.
  • Fresh Alma /powder :- Keep hair dark and black and imparts shine to it
  • Hibiscus flower/leaves :- Controls premature graying, prevents hair fall and split ends
  • Rose Petals :- Is an astringent and keep the pours closed and skin healthy.
  • Neem leaves/powder :- Neem has anti – bacterial and anti- fungal properties. It keeps the scalp free of any kind of infection and there by keeping it healthy and aiding in hair growth.
  • Onion :- Acts as an antiseptic and protects the hair against any fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Methi seeds :- Helps with dandruff problems and provides shine to the hair
  • Curry leaves :- Prevents premature graying, is rich source of vitamin A, E, Protein and amino acids for the hair and scalp. Helps in hair re growth.

Procedure to make Herbal Oil

In a regular pan, pour some coconut oil and let it heat for some time until it starts to boil. Add  the ingredients that you have chosen based on your need and let them cook in the oil until all the essence has seeped into the oil or they have dried out completely in case of fresh ingredients.

One very import thing here, you want to make sure that your ingredients have no more water content in it, because if they are not well cooked, there are chances that your oil will catch fungus or some kind of growth due to water content in it. The whole process can take from anywhere 20 to 30 mins. You have to be patient and cook it at slow to mid high flame so that you do not burn your oil.

Once the ingredients have cooked well,turn off the heat and let the oil sit overnight and the essence be seeped in the oil. Next morning, take a muslin cloth and filter out the contents into a clean dry bottle. You are store it up to 1-3 months without any issues.

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